What is Slaptap ?

Slaptap is a UK based online skate shop. 


What does this website provide?

Slaptap provide an online outlet for all kinds of roller skating products. This includes products from the Aggressive Skating world, through to freestyle skating and racing all the way through to Quads and roller derby gear. Slaptap is not just a shop but a brand that works for skaters and helps showcase the skating talent we have here in the UK. This means part of the site will be dedicated to the team and following the guys as they progress to new levels with photos and videos tracking their progress. There is also a Blog area where you can catch up with the latest Slaptap news and edits as well as edits we feel really push the boundaries of the skating world. Please help us all to support skating by sending us at info@slaptap.co.uk - videos, photos and reviews. Tell us what you want to see next and we will see what we can do.  


Help out with choosing our future stock?

The shop will initially be stocked with products we are happy to promote and recommend but we want to know what you want and like, and where possible we will respond to your needs each time we re-stock. Email: info@slaptap.co.uk to tell us of any items you want to see in the shop or if you know of any new suppliers or brands you think we should stock. No promises, there may be good reasons we can't stock something you like but we will always try to please if we can.


Slaptap – For the Rollers!


Slaptap Chris LEaver