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Slaptap Pro Series Bearings

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Slaptap Pro Series Bearings

The Slaptap Pro Series Bearing are a hybrid ceramic based bearing. That means they are built for speed, performance and strength. The Ceramic balls are a silicon nitride blend which provide a super smooth contact on the surface of the cases meaning the bearing spins very well. The hybrid part makes these bearings usable in an aggressive field too. Normal ceramic bearings are aimed at racing and while they provide a lot of speed they lack the strength to support drops and jumps, hybrid ceramics do not! The Slaptap Pro series bearing also have gold plated cases to reduce oxidisation(rust) forming on the surface and the bearings are sealed with rubber seals on both sides making these bearings very much water resistant. This is a quality product from Slaptap so treat yourself and put some speed in those wheels.

Sold as a pack of 8 bearings to fit 4 wheels.

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