Team Member - Blake Bird

Blake Bird Slaptap team rider



Name:    Blake  Charles Bird

Nickname: Birdman Chesty

Age: 33

Sponsors: xsjado noodle brain 

Favorite Skate set up: 2.0 with fluid 4’s with anti rockers 

Favorite inline section or edit of you:  Egg section.

Favorite inline section, video or edit ever:  Brain Fear Gone

Favorite Competition entered and where you placed: I love the Winterclash Fise and NL  taking the win at the Rich taylor jam.

Favorite skater to watch: Jeremy saurez 

Signature Trick: True Fish

Other sports or hobbies you play or have: not really bladeing keeps me pretty busy

Looking forward to in 2016(trip, comp, video release, etc.): Fise NL Roskilde shred koln if I could go to them all I would

One-bucket list thing to do before you die: sky dive!