Matt Woods and Niko Salaman At Cadbury Heath

05/11/2018 16:16

 Slaptap Park Edits: Matt Woods And Niko Salaman
Cadbury Heath, Bristol.
Cadbury Woods
Been a while since the last blog post so I thought it was time to bring the posts back with a bang.
Cadbury Niko
I was in Bristol shooting a photo with Cooper and he said that Matt and Niko were skating a park near by so we decided after we had got the shot to pop over and surprise them.
Cadbury Cooper
I had my camera with me  and a little time to spare so decided to capture some of their antics.
Cadbury Niko 2
As always it soon turned into a fun session and Niko and Matt turned up the heat to get some really cool clips for the camera. 
Cadbury Woods 2
Here is a fun little edit of what they got up to.


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