Slaptap 2018 Team Calendar - Out Now!

10/11/2017 13:48

Slaptap 2018 Team Calendar
Get ready for 2018 with the new Slaptap Team Calendar beautifully designed by Sam Cooper.

Jan 2018Feb2018

Each month features a shot of one of the Slaptap Team riders professionally photographed by Sam Cooper. 

March 2018April 2018

The whole team is there and there is even a special surprise guest all the way from the north pole for Decembers photo.

May 2018June 2018

Each month features the main bank holiday dates and the cycles of the moon.

may 2018July 2018

Why not put this up at work or in your kitchen and keep all your important dates safe while still letting everyone know you love blading.

Sept 2018Oct 2018


Once the year is finished you can cut out the photos and use them as posters for your bedroom wall.

Nov 2018Dec 2018

The calendars are produced in house at Slaptap with love and care. Grab one while you can. 

Buy one here now.

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