Slaptap Closing Down Sale

03/03/2019 21:22

Slaptap Closing Down Sale.


After owning Slaptap for over 5 years I have come to the hard decision to close up shop.  This hasn’t been an easy choice to make but it is the right one for me personally.  As a lot of you will know I have run Slaptap part time while working full time to live. Last year I left my full time job to focus on moving into a career I enjoy rather than continuing to work in a job I hated. This also allowed me to focus more time on Slaptap. Now I am about to embark on a new chapter of my work life I have decided that it isn’t fair on me or Slaptap to split my focus; it needs much more love and focus than I can offer at this time. Slaptap is in a good position to continue to grow if someone wanted to buy the company, stock and assets but it would need some one who is serious about running a business with a passion for skate products. If someone wants to make a serious offer or discuss options I invite emails to If no one comes forward Slaptap will close doors at the end of March. All products will be sold and a huge sale will be underway for the month.


I would like to thank everyone for your continued support and I’m sure I will see a lot of you around as I continue to enjoy old-age skating.


Much Love. Chris Leaver.


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