Dan Loveless: Prevail Skatehouse Session

14/12/2018 13:20

Dan Loveless: Prevail Skatehouse Session

Dan Loveless has been pushing his skating super hard lately so during a little weeknight session at prevail skatehouse myself and Mark Worner decided to take a load of snaps and make a edit. Here are the photos and edit for you to enjoy.

dan makio up/down

Dan Loveless - Makio up and back down the rail,

This trick was mad! Dan set up the barrier rail in this dodgy spot and pulled this trick out of the bag perfectly first go before any even knew what he was up to.

dan Mistrial up/down

Dan Loveless - Mistrial up the barrier rail and back down,

After the makio Dan laced trick after trick for me and mark. This was my favourite from the many different options. Love how he is actually off the top of the rail onto the joiner section.

checking footage

Dan, Mark and Paul - checking out the footage,

Just a quick break between tricks to see how stuff is looking.

Dan backslide gap

Dan Loveless - Backslide up to 180 gap to floor,

This was probably one of the craziest things I have seen in person for a while. Dan went so fast at this and it launched him high into the air and far over the quarter below to the deck with a perfect 180. Dan was doing farvs previously to this but the backslide really ticked all the boxes for me.

mork and dan

Mark and Dan - removing the set up.

Mark and dan couldn't leave the rail where it was as it was sure to fall so they had to put it somewhere safe and enjoy the feeling of a job well done.

scary times

Dan Loveless - Scary times

Dan had been wall stalling this fence out of the quarter all night which in itself is pretty mental as that quarter is not small and being as steap as it is its quite hard to launch out of enough to hit the stall. Dan decided to take it to the next level and then some by topsoul stalling the top of the fence. I mean this is crazy and with crazy tricks come som pretty mental falls. This is really not the position you want your leg to be in when you are this high above the floor!!!

dan Topsoul stall

Dan Loveless - Topsoul Stall

Obviously dan cant leave a trick un-completed and after a few more close calls he got this perfectly for the video and the photo.

Check out the Edit of the whole session and thanks for visiting. 

Words and Photos by Chris Leaver

Edit by Mark Worner

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