Slaptap Cornish weekend

06/04/2010 17:00

 So we had a bit of a get together down in Cornwall. 

Skated some great spots and met some sick locals! 


Check out the photos below.................


Our team rider Si Coburn doing a 360 safety as part of a line



Matt Smith: Zero Spin Fish at Penzance skate park. 

The local skaters......there are no words for this pic guys!

Chilling at the park with the best pasty in Cornwall (cheers guy!) 

although it was an epic two sittings haha!

Mark Worner 

Face of the weekend! 
Up the bank to Fish Brain on the ledge, Matt Smith killing Truro Skate Plaza.

Si Coburn showing off the Haffey skates. 

Guy Millership at Hayle Bowls

Matt Binny: 180 to fishy Penzance Bowls 

Wiggy getting some shots of the day

Nick Bentley with a siiiiiick Mute 360 at Hayle just before fracturing his arm!!!

James Rendell who killed it all weekend


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