Photo Drop: 001 Matt Smith - Unity

06/03/2017 17:38

Slaptap Photo Drop: 001 Matt Smith - Unity

Smith Unity Stras

The first photo to hit the Slaptap Photo Drop is of team rider Matt Smith with a sexy Unity up a really cool round top ledge outside of a school in Strasbourg, France.

This photo was taken on a trip back in August that we took over the our good friend Nathan Hadleys wedding. We had an awesome weekend partying and managed to grab a few photos and clips whilst we were there.

The Clip of this photo will appear in Mark Worners soon to be released video "Best Before". This trick was a bit of a pain for Matt as the other side of the ledge is mud and has a nasty post and tree which were super close and rather off putting. The ledge also has a right angle bend at the top so if you dont come off on the correct side you are hitting a solid ledge at full speed. After a few nasty spills including hitting the earlier mentioned right angle at full speed Matt managed to vanquish the beast and capture a great snap for the album. 

This Photo was taken by Nathan Hadley using a Canon 5D MkII and a 24-105mm F/4 L IS USM Canon Lens(both belonging to Matt).


wedding 1


wedding 2

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