Photo Drop: 002 Chris Leaver - Soul

15/03/2017 11:43

Slaptap Photo Drop: 002 Chris Leaver - Soul

chris soul

The second photo to hit the Slaptap Photo Drop is of myself, Slaptap Owner Chris Leaver with a gap to soul on a dangerous metal bench outside the European Parliment Building in Strasbourg, France.

Again this photo was taken on a the same trip as Matt's back in August that we took for Nathan Hadleys wedding. 

This was quite a tricky little spot to skate. The wing like seats on the bench slide up and down on rollers so first of all I was trying to stall the wings so that they slid and then transfer to a grind on the top but after a few goes the rollers stopped working, I guess I was too heavy for that plan. Then I just decided it would be possible to gap from the path over the wings altogether and grind the top. The run up was up hill and the gap up and accross was pretty much at the limit of what I could make but after a few goes I was getting the hang of it then after two nasty misses, one falling over the back and the other leaving a nice hole in my shin from the corner of the wing I managed to get the clean clip and this cool photo. The clip didnt make the cut for Mark Worners video "Best Before" but it did make it into his prized collection of clips that will forever live on his hard drive never to see the light of day. 

 chrisandmark bench


These photos were taken by Matt Smith using a Canon 5D MkII and a 24-105mm F/4 L IS USM Canon Lens.


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