Photo Drop: 003 Ollie Jones - Makio

15/03/2017 11:43

Slaptap Photo Drop: 003 Ollie Jones - Makio

ollie wall makio

The third photo to hit the Slaptap Photo Drop is of Slaptap and Remz Rider Ollie Jones with a sweet line, Roll up the right hand wall to Makio down the curved wall rail by the water in Bristol, England.

Mark Worner and Myself decided that we would get the train into Bristol to meet up with Ollie, Niko and Lee Doig to get Marks new video project underway. The plan was to skate and walk around bristol to find old and new spots. Almost as soon as we left the train station we spotted this triple set with a curved wall rail on the last set. Lee and Ollie started skating the wall rail straight away.

Mark was getting the video camera set up for a clip of some sort that was sure to follow. Niko and Myself were just cruising around. It was my first day testing the GC Big frames so I had a lot of speed to use and hit the roll up the wall for a bit of fun. Ollie decided to give it a bash too and once he had the speed correct to come off and hit the rail the clip and this photo were in the bag making one great start to the day and Marks new project.

Ollie briz 

Marky Briz


The photos were taken by Chris Leaver using a Canon 600D and a 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 Canon Lens.

Word by Chris Leaver.


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