Photo Drop: 004 Niko Salaman - Wallride to Mute

26/04/2017 22:18

Slaptap Photo Drop: 004 Niko Salaman - Wallride to Mute

The forth photo drop comes in the young, bouncy form of Slaptap  Rider Niko Salaman with a launch to wallride to mute grab gap out in Bristol, England.

niko wallride mute

The day started as most trips to Bristol do with a pick up stop at Temple Meads to grab people and decide where we are going to for the day. The car full this time was Myself, Mark Worner, Ollie Jones and Niko Salaman we decided we would take Niko to a pretty intimidating spot that has been featured in a few photos and videos before. Mark drove past the spot and decided to turn around in a near by industrial estate and as if by fate we spotted a rail and a massive pile of wood and crates. The first spot was quickly forgotten about as we set about building a launch to the rail.niko wallride mute

Soon after building said launch ramp Sam cooper and Sam Davies turned up and the session was on. Niko quickly dispatched the session with one killer clip and shot that Mark and Sam are no doubt saving for their up coming projects. Mark then spotted two large skips with wallridable ends on near to the rail spot that had just been dispatched. With the arrival of a few more crew members in the shape of Bobby B, B Dogg and Lewis the task of building a new launch was under way. Ollie and Sammy D both got the double wallride clip but Niko stuck to his guns with a single wallride to a massive mute grab out. Im sure all of the clips will be shown in Marks next project but here is the photo from two angles of Nikos clip of the day. 

Niko and Bobby



The photos were taken by Chris Leaver using a Canon 600D and a 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 Canon Lens.

Word by Chris Leaver.


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