Photo Drop: 007 Niko Salaman - Stale Air

26/07/2017 21:01

Niko Salaman – Stale Air

 The Seventh photo drop comes in the shape of the young and energetic Slaptap Rider Niko Salaman with a Stale Air out of the natural quarter pipe in Strasbourg, France.

Niko getting Stale?

There are a few traditions that now come with our trips to Strasbourg of which funnily enough is a tradition in itself. Although getting a sandwich at Made in France is now longer since it’s closed down, going to the weird and wonderful bank/natural quarter-pipe spot is still very much alive. It was Niko’s first time getting to cruise around the maze of transitions that sit in-between a few tower blocks of flats and it was very clear he was enjoying the experience.

Stretch Armstrong

Niko was popping some cool airs out of the whippiest of all of the transitions there and it ended up being the final trick in a line filmed for the official SlapTap edit of the trip. Getting a photo of one was must once the line was captured on film.


These Photo’s were taken by Sam Cooper using a Nikon D800 and a 15mm Fisheye Sigma Lens with Two Canon 540EZ Speedlites and Pocket Wizards as well as a Canon AE1

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