Photo Drop: 008 Ollie Jones - Fishbrain Stall

13/11/2018 13:38

Ollie Jones – Fishbrain Stall

The Eighth photo drop comes back after a bit of absence in the shape of the gigantic street master and Slaptap Rider Ollie Jones with a dangerous fishbrain stall out of the a movable quarter pipe on to the end of a very narrow legde in Rush Skatepark, Stroud.

Ollie Fishing

As winter is once again upon us the slow transition back to regular indoor skatepark sessions takes place. Thursday nights at Rush skatepark seem to be one of these winter routines that we find ourselves constantly coming back to. 

Ollie Rush

Myself and Mark Worner took the drive up to Stroud this time due to a heavy down poor of rain which ruined any plan of an outdoor skate. We had know idea wwho would be there which makes the trip slightly more exciting on arrival. 

Immediatly after entry we saw the tall figure of Slaptap Rider Ollie Jones sessioning the grind box balanced off the edge of the curb on the far side of the street area. He was killing the box with Sam Davies and Gav Probert. All three skaters were lacing super tech tricks with the style and ease everyone has come to enjoy. 

Ollie Fish iphone

After all the hellos and a quick box session I quickly got down to business and saw the moveable quater pipe placed at the end of the large A-ledge. I knew as soon as I saw it what needed to happen and I suggested to Ollie he should Fishbrain stall it for a photo. Surprisingly he actually looked at it and agreed with me that it needed to be done but said he would try it later.

As the session went on and tireness began to creep in, people started to leave and the energy levels fell off. At this point I thought there was no chance of getting a photo and finally Ollie Said go get your camera then and we will give it a go. 

ollie water

After a few scary half attempts I got the flashes set up and we set about capturing this scary moment. The end of the ledge was very narrow and the top of the quarter was bending as if it could snap at any moment. Ollie laced the trick in true style and the image is here for all to see. Winter doesn't have to end the session it just means we have to rethink our approach.

Ollie Fishing

Photos and Words by Chris Leaver. 

Camera set up: Sony A7ii, Samyang 14mm AF, Sigma MC-11, 2x Godox TT600s flashes.

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