Photo Drop: 009 Dan Loveless - Darkside Back Royale and Philips 66

26/11/2018 16:07

Dan Loveless – Darkside Back Royale and Philips 66

The ninth photo drop is the first to come a non official Slaptap Rider. Dan Loveless however is a big supporter of the brand and we love him to bits. Dan Skates for Razors UK and The Blade Clothing and this photo drop shows him using his park skills around the fresh concrete of Phear Park Skatepark, Exmouth.


The Saturday started like many before, meeting at Mark Worners house to all jump in one car and decide on a destination while also figuring out who is coming out and who isn't. Dan and Myself were there on time Cooper however was not. Facebook chats from the night before had already decided that Exmouth was going to be our destination. Well Mark had decided that and forced us all to go along with it despite Coopers many rants of "there is nothing there to skate."

Dan and Kel

It was pretty obvious that Mark didnt care what anyone one said he just wanted to go to the new skatepark in Exmouth. So that was the first stop and boy was it a fun stop.

Nick Bone arrived shortly after we did and the session was on! Although the park is not huge and there isnt a huge amount there what is there provide quite a few quirky options for those with brains capable of such ideas. 

Dan Darkside 2

We all looked at the red wall ride/bank to curb and realised quickly that this was going to be the focus of at least part of the session at the skatepark. As soon as a darkside royale on the location was suggested Dan burned toward it without even the slightest hesitation or glance at the obsical properly he had hit it and amazingly landed it super clean! 

Dan Darkside 1Without Cooper the photography duties fell to me so I grabbed the camera set up some flashes and captured the act from as many angles as I could think of. Im sure Dan did the trick perfectly for me maybe 30 times and then Mark pulled the video camera out and made him do it some more times. This was the start of what quickly turned into filming for a one day park edit.


Next things got silly and pretty much every trick Mark would suggest Dan would complete perfectly either first try or after a couple of attempts. I managed to capture a shot of this wicked Philips 66 with Mark getting the fisheye angle for the edit. 

Dan Philips

Check out the full edit here.


Photos and Words: Chris Leaver

Camera: Sony A7ii, Sony Zeiss 24-70 F4, 2x Godox TT600s Flashes 





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