Photo Drop: 011 Niko Salaman - Fakie Carve

10/01/2019 14:40

Niko Salaman - Fakie Carve

The eleventh photo drop brings us back to the youngest Slaptap team rider, the tech wizz kid Niko Salaman. After spending the last 2+ years using the same tatty red paint covered seba CJ skates Niko made the call to get the latest Seba SX2 skates ordered. Once they arrived I decided it was only right to deliver in person and we decided that a little session at Rampworld in Cardiff would make for a good location to test them and maybe get a few shots for the blog.

niko and his shadow 

Upon arrival Niko was super excited and set about setting up the new whips. They fit him perfectly and looked amazing. After the first tentative drop in and line on the mini you could see that it wouldnt take him long to adjust to the new boots.


We had a few ideas for shots but niko thought it would be super cool to shoot a high fakie carve around the big bowled corner of the smaller jump box section. I wasn't super juiced on this idea but after setting up and trying a few angles I had to agree with the little tyke it did look cool.

Niko Fakie Carve 2 

Now it was just about getting a super high carve and keeping the hands from obstructing the view of his face. After a few attempts we got the perfect shot and our mission was complete.

niko fakie carve 1

Words and photos by Chris Leaver

Camera: Sony A7II, Samyang 14mm F2.8, Sigma MC-11 Converter, 2x Godox TT600s Flashes

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