Photo Drop: 012 Matt Woods - Ally-Oop Topside Pornstar

22/01/2019 14:17

Matt Woods - Ally-Oop Topside Pornstar

woods and worner

The twelfth photo drop comes in the form of the big man himself Matt Woods. These photos actually follow on from the last photo drop featuring Niko these were taken in the remaining time we had. Once Nikos photos were done and dusted we decided to try and snatch a photo of Matt before we got kicked out of Rampworld in Cardiff. Luckily we had enough time to get two goes at this shot even if Mr Woods did have to do the later with the lights out using just the force to guide him. 

Woods Head

After leaving it quite late into the session to shoot Nikos shots and him hogging the limelight, it only left moments to shoot anything with Mr Woods. We deided a quick trick on the rail would look cool and Matt managed to get this shot on the second attemp with the lights out around the park just using the force. This just shows the trust in his own ability and the skills this man can muster.

Woods AO TP

Words and photos by Chris Leaver

Camera: Sony A7II, Samyang 14mm F2.8, Sigma MC-11 Converter, 2x Godox TT600s Flashes

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