Photo Drop: 013 Dan Loveless - Rocket Makio Stall

01/02/2019 23:10

Dan Loveless - Rocket Makio Stall

The thirteenth photo drop is back with one of the team legs members Dan Loveless. This photo was the last trick in what was a very cold but eventful session skating Tiverton Skatepark in Devon. Dan proved that he like Matt Woods in the last photo drop is also one with the force, using his senses and skills to lace this trick after the lights had gone out on us.

Ninja Dan

Skating in the winter is always hard, finding a dry day is hard enough. Then when you do have a dry day the temperature is always around freezing and makes falling hurt more and getting motivated to skate a hard task.

Mark and Dan

Luckily Dan seems to have no problem getting motivated and doesnt seem to feel pain when he falls. With this in mind Mark Worner and myself took Dan for his first session at Tiverton on a very chilly night. Lets just say he killed it as usual. We managed to get this sick photo of a styled out rocket makio after the lights had gone out.

Dan Rocket Makio

Words and photos by Chris Leaver

Camera: Sony A7II, Canon 8mm - 15mm F4 USM Fisheye, Metabones adaptor, 2x Godox TT600s Flashes

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