Nath's Blade Set-up Series: Ollie Jones

18/10/2017 12:05

Nath's Blade Set-up Series: Ollie Jones
Ollie - TTS
What skate setup are you currently using? Please provide all the details, boots, liners, laces, frames, wheels, bearings and any custom parts?
Remz Josiah Blee skates with some Haffey liners, stock frames, grind wheels and laced with some BHC worapoj wheels. 
What size skates do you take?
How long does it take you to put your skates on?
Basically forever. 
Why do you choose these skates?
I have been skating Remz since the first UFS ones came out in 2003. I always wanted the old non-UFS ones but never managed to get any. I always enjoyed skating the UFS ones since I first had them. 
Are there any tricks you can't do in these skates that you could do in another brand/type of skates?
Probably not, but I haven't skated other skates in 14 years. 
Which parts do you get through the quickest?
Wheels. And I also break a lot of laces. 
Ollie skates 2
What do you do with your old skates?
Just keep them for parts. I have all of them except for one pair of fifth elements. 
Do you have any OG skates or parts that you have collected?
I have a brand new pair of the first 03one UFS skates. Everything else is pretty much worn out. 
If Remedyz didn't exist what skates would you ride?
The last skates I skated before the Remz came out were razors so maybe some of those. 
ollie skates 3
Do you have a big wheel setup? If so, please describe it.
I did get some kaze 125 skates to get about on but I haven't tested them too hard yet. 
Have you ever tried a carbon skate? If so, what did you think of it.
What were you first ever blades?
Some Argos ones probably but my first proper ones were razors impact 100s. 
What are the top 3 best looking blades of all time?
Never really considered that. Anything with a simple colour scheme. 
What are the top 3 most disgusting looking blades of all time?
Anything with loads of different colour parts. 
What advice to you have for kids who are just starting to skate, what type of skates should they get and how can they get the sizing right?
Just get whichever skates you will be excited about skating, and definitely don't get them two sizes too big. 
Ollie skates 1
Do you ever experiment with the latest frames, GC Megas, Symmetrics etc?
Nope, never tried them. 
Bonus question, do you ever look at the Be-Mag Hardware forums?
Not really. 
Bonus bonus question, what do you think of blade trade facebook pages?
Probably great for people who need to shop around for the right stuff and like to try out different skates and frames. 
Cheers boss!
Nice one. 

 Words By Nathn Hadley and Ollie Jones 

Photos by Sam Cooper


Ollie - TTS

Ollie Jones - TTS - Bristol, UK


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