Ollie Jones - Street Machine

10/10/2016 10:31

Ollie Jones: Street Machine

As most of you will probably know Ollie Jones is very very good at Rail skating. Well this saturday Ollie, Mark Worner and myself headed over to Yeovil to film the final few tricks for his up coming section in Mark Worners soon to be released video. The aim of the day was to film some tricks that were not involving a rail.


I met Ollie and Mark at the relatively new Yeovil Pump track where we got warmed up by doing speedy laps of the thin little beast of a session. We could have stayed there all day but only managed a few laps before we were suitably warm and decided to move on.

To say Yeovil has a few spots is a massive understatement, it has lots! Mark and Myself set about taking Ollie to some of the spots we knew. We took him to a few rails up in a new housing estate that would have been a good session and could possibly have produced a few nice rail clips but as we werent after rail tricks we decided to move on. Mark and I both suggested going to a new-ish spot next to a Starbucks that had a possible line including a wall roll then a nice flat chrome rail.

On arrival Ollie immediatly spotted a different approach to the same line. He decided it would be possible to roll the wall and huck himself up onto the roof of an electrical box and then gap off the roof to the floor. Mark got more than excited about the idea of getting a rare Ollie Jones Gap clip as did I and we both grabbed our camera bags and found our positions. Knowing Ollie well it was easy to see he could make it but I did ask the question did he think he could jump up that high to the roof and he blamed me for putting doubt in his head. Ollie then had a few timid attempts jumping from the wall up to a slide to be sure he could make the leap up. Confident he was able to get the huck up he decided he would need to clip the front edge on the way up to reduce the speed as it would of made roll to the gap too fast to control. With Mark and myself in place Ollie gave it the first attempt and landed it perfect. Mark wasnt sure about the angle he filmed from so adjusted his position and asked Ollie to do it again which Ollie did perfectly with ease. Mark decided as is always the case that the first angle was best.


Next we took Ollie to a 4-kink rail that he attempted a year or so ago but waxed it too much and failed to complete. Ollie had a few of his patented hand up makio's to make sure the rail was the correct speed and made up his mind that he was happy to give it a go. With myself and Mark in position with our cameras ready Ollie set to work. After one attempt and a miss he had made it half way where a difficultly placed lamppost lay in wait. Next attempt he sat on his soul and slide smoothly if a little slowly straight off the end of the rail. Ollie added a little bit of wax to the last kink and went back to the top to finish the job. This time he came off the end smoothly with enough pace to roll away and the clip was collected. To my amazement that evening Mark posted the clip on facebook for all to see and when I asked him wasn’t it going in his section Mark replied no he has better kink rail tricks than this. Click here to see the clip that wasn’t good enough for Ollie’s new section. To many clips is a very good problem for mark to have.

oj kin

From here we decided to walk a little way into the town centre but on the way I knew of a bank that I had seen while driving past the hospital and as soon as Ollie laid eyes on it he knew what he wanted to do. The spot was a fairly steep paving slab bank one slab wide with a railing at the top. Ollie being the high jump king had decided he would jump over the railing into the bank. First thing was to test the bank for speed. Surprisingly it was a lot faster than Ollie expected and it sent him at mach 10 straight into the grass bank in front where he ran to flat out to keep his footing. The next problem Ollie faced was the run up. The path at the top of the rail was thin and not wide enough for him to go straight up to the rail to jump it meaning he would have to swing in from a funny angle. Once he built up his confidence Ollie committed to it and made the jump with ease. A couple more goes and Mark was happy with the angle and even managed to film a super slow-mo.

oj huck

From here we continued our spot hunt and found a few more spots for another day and after a quick snack stop we decided we would head back to the pump track for a good hard cardio warm down. Mark suggested that we see how many laps we can manage without stopping. Mark and myself went first at a slow-ish pace to ensure we didn’t kill ourselves. Luckily I made mark go in front of me so all I had to do was more than him. After two laps the pain in the legs was already building and I was beginning to gain on mark. With me chanting and jeering in marks ear as I was catching him he pealed off managing around 5 and a half laps. I continued on to finish the 6th lap and then happy that I had beaten Mark I collapsed and finished with a respectable 6 laps. Ollie was next and opted for the opposite direction to us. We thought this was a silly idea as it involved coming up hill on the long straight. Ollie took off at a medium pace and again after 2 laps the pain was showing. Ollie carried on and with me shouting the number of laps at he pushed through the pain. 9 laps in we said he had to get into double figures, which he pushed through quickly but after a mistake on the bottom corner on the next lap he had it all to do on the long up hill straight. Ollie made it over the start/finish line for lap 11 and came off the edge with a puff and a pant but a triumphant smile on his face. After that the sun was fading so we decided we were all done for the day.


In summary Ollie Jones is a machine! If you want to be as good as him I’m sure he will write you a fitness routine if you ask nicely then you just need to commit, eat right, stay fit and skate everyday.


Click here to see the trailer for Ollie’s new section. It is a banger!!!


Words and Photos by Chris Leaver.

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