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 Back at the end of last year Me and Sean Partridge (The Blade Clothing CEO) decided to take a little trip to Tallinn in Estonia to visit fellow friend/team rider Evert Lubja, we got speaking and Evert said to come over in April as there is a big comp going on at Spot Of Tallinn which is the massive indoor skate park in Tallinn funnily enough! So without hesitation Me and Sean booked our flights nice and early,Within this time Sean was working on a new t-shirt design so he thought it would be good to tie in this trip with the t shirt release! Unfortunately a few weeks later Evert broke the news that the comp had been cancelled! Not to worry though as there were plenty of places to blade, enjoy 1 or 2 drinks and eat bear meat! What more could you ask for.



So the day came to fly, we had an early start to get up to Birmingham airport to which we made the flight on time with enough time for a few whiskey shots, just to help with the nerves of the flight. Plus we were in holiday mode so it would be rude not too.



We arrived in Tallinn on the Wednesday where we were greeted by the man himself Evert, he took us to his apartment where he lives with his girlfriend Dionne and also greeted us with caviar and a shot of moonshine. We decided on a stroll through the city center to be shown all the sights. They have an awesome old part of the town which is very picturesque! We also had a tour of the local bars which involved a few more shots and a bite to eat. At this point it was snowing quite a lot and about -5. We ended the night with beer pong and giant Jenga and some good food! We had to celebrate Sean's birthday too.


Day 2:

We woke up to a blizzard of snow so we had no choice but to hit up the massive indoor skate park Spot of Tallinn! We got a lift up with Mats-Kaarel Ruus who had just recently got over an injury but was still down to blade. Now this isn't just any old indoor park , Spot Of Tallinn is pretty much a training facility! They have a street section , bowl/ramp area, pump track, huge gymnastics area, foam pits, a gym, shop, cafe, showers, changing rooms and even an outdoor BMX track! All the ramps were designed by the guys who made Woodward which you can tell in the quality of the ramps and the layout.

We had a fun skate and stacked some clips before heading back into town for food , Evert took us to an american diner , so from here we thought we deserved a few beers to celebrate Evert's birthday. 1 or 2 drinks turned into a 7am stint! 

Sean Chilling

Day 3:

We woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed about 1 pm,  a good hangover cure was a top breakfast and lots of blading edits. We went back to spot of Tallinn for the 7-10 pm session. Still a bit worse for wear we had a pretty decent blade, again more clips were sent! The park was generally empty most of the time which was cool. We worked up a massive appetite and felt tired from the night before so we decided an early night would be the best shout. Evert made a banging Lasagna to which we watched even more blade video's before laying down our little noggins for a good nights rest!

Evert Air


Day 4: 

After a good nights sleep , we all went for breakfast in this cool little cozy cafe, the sort of place you could sit in for ages as it was cold outside and nice and toasty inside! The weather was amazing but still below freezing so we decided on going to the other skate park in Tallinn which is called Paaskula, you may of seen a few tricks from Evert on Instagram from this park! Huge thanks to Rene Lutterus and Joonas Vahar for driving us up to the park. Both were killing the park! Its a cool little park with lots of lines but its all packed in pretty tight so you need to be quick on your feet.  At this point i was straggling a bit from our 7 am stint the night before last so i had a little nap on the sofa in the park. Evert and Sean were dealing with some lines! We were joined by some others but I forget their names, apologies guys! Rene was tearing the park a new one with technical switch ups and without any real warm up ha. We stayed till closing time and managed to snag some more clips.  

We took the train home and Evert took us on walk through the city to check out some street spots, again being old and cold meant no street skating! Today was my birthday so we had to go out and celebrate with a few drinks in town, Dionne came to meet us and to show us the biggest club in Tallinn as she could get us free entry. It wasn't quite our cup of tea so we ventured to a smaller more low key bar. We drank the night away and got home about 6 am! Not good when your old and cold haha.


Day 5:

We woke up late with the intention of chilling for the day! We chilled at the apartment and grabbed some food, we then watched Guy Millership's new video PACK UP which should be out soon. Dionne had booked us in for a meal at 8pm at a medieval restaurant which has no electricity and just sell's traditional medieval meals. Its all lit by candle light and the staff were dressed accordingly so it felt as though you had gone back in time. Never been to anything like it before so it was quite a good experience.It was mainly meat on the menu, not your average meat either. Elk,Boar,Ox and even Bear along with home brewed beers/ales which Sean made the most of! I think for Desert we had Rose pudding too which was incredible! Being full of Meat,Beer and Rose petals we decided it was time to head home as everyone was either in a food coma or just tired from the past few days. Unfortunately that night though Sean decided it would be a good idea to get food poisoning so spent near enough all night on the toilet.

Day 6:

We didn't need to fly until 4 pm so we had a good amount of time to eat,chill and do a bit of shopping before our flight! We said our goodbyes to Dionne and the apartment , Evert took us up to the airport to make sure we got their OK and showed us where to go etc. We said bye to Evert before going our separate ways. Sean was still feeling ill and was pretty much just an empty shell at this point so to add insult to injury our flight was delayed which meant we had to catch 3 different flights just to get home.

All in all this was an awesome trip, Evert and Dionne were amazing hosts, the nicest people you could hang out with! Huge thanks to both of you for putting up with me and Sean for the 6 days and sorting us out with everything we needed 

Thanks to all the lads we got to meet and blade with, you all ripped it up! Hope to see you all soon in the future. You made our stay incredible.

If you ever get the chance to go to Estonia then do, it will not let you down! Word of advice though , make sure you go in the summer ha.


3 random facts about Estonia:

1. They sell Bear meat.

2. They were the first country in the world to adopt online voting.

3. 52% of the country is forest - this means lots of Bears!!

Bonus fact:



Check out the edit from the trip here: https://vimeo.com/216572233


Words and Photos By Si Coburn.

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