Slaptap Time Machine Series: Ollie Jones

04/01/2018 14:28

Slaptap Time Machine: Ollie Jones
old ollie 
I had an idea some time last year while looking at old photos that it would be fun to try and recreate some of them. The one that seemed easiest to do was this small square rail in my village which is in the car park of a pub.
In the original photo I have Roces Khutis which I believe were released in 2000 so the trick must date from between then and the end of 2001.
I can't remember how many tries the trick took back then but the spot was exactly the same except for a new coat of paint and 17 years of moss accumulation on the run up.
new Ollie
It took Sam a few minutes to study the original photo and find the best angle to replicate it while I put my skates on. Then after sorting out a quick problem with one of the flashes and asking someone to not park in the way we quickly had it done. Luckily it was too dark to see how bad the run up really was but we didn't stick around to get any extra tricks.
The Fiction hoody is the same in both pictures. I guess I grew into it.
Blended Ollie
Words by Ollie Jones
New Photos by Sam Cooper
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