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21/12/2016 14:02

Rush Wild Wheels Showdown 2016

The day started at 11am I rolled up and met Wild wheels organizer Si Coburn to give him the prizes slaptap had donated for the event and have a chitchat about the plans for the day. This is the third year Si has run the event and it has become a staple event for the calendar that always has a mix of smooth skating and crazy Hammer tricks. This year did not disappoint in both regards.


 The day started with a general chilled session with all parts of the park being torn apart in anticipation for the up coming comp. Some crazy warm up tricks involved Ollie Jones smashing the little flat rail with 540 truspin grinds and Matt Woods destroying which ever coping he came near.


 The Under 15’s comp started at about 2pm and showcased the talents of some of the local rush youths. Camron the Rush star prodigy left the crowd amazed with his flips and spins and came back this year with some grinds added in to his lines. Cei Evans was on hand to show why he is on the Seba team with his big 900’s and smooth technical grinding abilities. Some of the Young rush skaters stepped up too with some great 360’s and the positive attitude that shows this park will be home to a host of young talent in the future.  With the under 15’s scores added up and prizes handed out with Cam taking the win, Cei 2nd and Tom ? 3rd the Am’s took to the course.

 cam win

Some of the Ams that really stood out to me were Stephen Riddick with his smooth tech toe rolls and creative lines, James Rendal with some huge spins and mega tech grinds, Jake Sawyer with his smooth what can only be described as destruction of the park course, Radek with his super smooth flat 360’s and super stylish grinds and Mark Andrews with his consistent display of power and trick vocab. The Am contest showed what these guys were capable of and all 5 progressed into the pro comp.


 This lead in perfectly to the pro comp and where the madness really kicked off! The format for the pro comp was LG style where each rider goes until he fall or runs out of speed and then the next rider goes. This worked really well and made for exciting watching. Dan Loveless showed why he always gets into the finals and kicked things off with some huge airs, smooth fast lines and super tech creative grinds. James Rendal and Jake sawyer really held there own in the pro comp and produced some inspired performances even though they had been skating all day already. Tom Jowett proved that he is someone that really needs to be watched out for in the future as he tore apart the park with hude flips and tech spins to grinds. Connaire and Woodsy did their usual super smooth lines, massive spins over the box and creative grinds and line and battled with each other from start to finish. The comp continued until it naturally progressed into the best trick comp.

con box

 The best trick comp can only be described as insane! Dan Loveless, Woodsy and Connaire were sessioning the wooden edged sub box from the big flat bank into the street course. While Ollie jones eyed up some crazy transfers and Niko just chilled out at the top of the massive vert wall helmet on. Connaire got a lovely tru sav on the wooden edged sub box followed quickly after by Dan with a sick AO fishbrain. Connaire then switched his attention to the wooden barrier next to the jump box. Second try he launched from the landing of the jump box to a perfect disaster Tru Sav nearly the entire length of the wooden barrier rail. After seeing that it was hard to believe anything could get crazier but then an already injured Niko decides to change the game and stands atop the 16 foot vert wall eyeing something up. We all thought he was going to spin into the bank next to the vert wall, which would have been crazy enough but no he had other ideas and did the biggest grabbed drop straight to the floor I think I have ever seen. He didn’t land it but jumped straight back up to his feet and ran as fast as he could up there to give it another go.  This time with a lot of people unable to watch he jumped again but landed with a heavy thud and luckily not having seriously injured himself he called it quits and the skating events were over for another year.

con dis tru sav

Prizes were handed out. With Jake sawyer taking the am comp, Rendall 2nd and Radek 3rd and Connaire taking the pro comp, Woodsy second making another Slaptap 1,2 and Tom Jowett getting 3rd with Dan Loveless grabbing the best trick cheque for his AO Fishbrain.

dan ao fish Last thing for the day was for everyone to sit down relax and enjoy Guy Millerships new video, which he premiered at the event. With sections from Matt Smith, Si Coburn, Guy Millership and James Rendall and guest appearances from Connaire Skerritt, Ollie Jones and Stephen Riddick plus more I would recommend you grab a copy as soon as it is released!!!

 Photos and Words - Chris Leaver.


con ao ds miz full out


con tru sav1

con tru sav2






niko drop

niko drop2

ollie food

niko ollie brush


big flat5

rendall ao ts


 rid toe spider

woods bs roy



woods 2


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