Woodsy Pops To Zurich

01/12/2016 20:06

Woodsy Pops To Zurich


After a wonderful few months adjusting the life of mountains, lakes, chocolate and cheese, I received a routine catch up call from big foot Slap Tap rider and personal homie himself, Woodsy. About 3 minutes into the call, the question of when the dude would be out to visit; the response being, 'well how about next weekend?' An hour later a flight was booked and a weekend of chilling, rolling and sightseeing arranged.


dean and woodsy 

After meeting him at Zürich airport on Friday, we proceeded to take a brief stroll around the old town and jump on the clean and organized Swiss public transport to drop off the bags at home. Friday night was a relatively relaxing one at a local 'Irish' pub (Irish meaning Swiss people, Swiss beer, Swiss language with the occasional English word thrown in by the Eastern European barmaid). Many Feldschossens were consumed!


woods pub

woods pub2


Our 'early' Saturday morning wake up soon slipped into a midday shower and brunch before hitting up Zurich for some powerblading fun and sight seeing (in slightly overcast weather). We started the afternoon checking the views from Uetliberg, a viewing tower atop the hill overlooking the city of Zurich. Note: despite being nearly 100m smaller than the largest mountain in England, the 870m 'hill' is laughed at by Swiss, but the views across the lake, city and beyond are pretty spectacular. 


woods view

view 1

view 2



After our tourist stop, our cruise back down into the city streets led us right into the huge Zurich skatepark! Despite the large scooter and skateboard turnout, Woodsy managed to get a few clips on the big wheels before a brief slip left him with a slightly grazed temple and a swollen finger. The journey back to Zurich main station took us through the relatively calm city, weaving through the traffic and skitching the trams.


woods park

woods air

woods fish

dean fish

woods finger

My girlfriend had dinner ready when we got back in. A Swiss speciality and a must for any visitor-raclette. Simply put: potato, melted cheese, some pickled veg and a nice glass of white. Another night out destroying a local bar ensued. It was made so much more entertaining by the addition of some Aussie/Swiss taxi driver who just decided to sit down with us. He introduced himself as the Kandyman, and informed us that the end of the world is 4-5 years away, as the flipping of the magnetic poles would lead to the rapture. But you could trust him, as he has all the facts on some old VHS tapes at home!

woods alien


After a much needed sleep, Daniela (my girlfriend), Woodsy and I decided to head into Zurich on the Sunday for a chilled day to see the lake, awesome architecture, old cobbled streets, Sky high bars, and great view points over the city. It really is a spectacularly old and beautiful city to explore. The day ended with some more Swiss cuisine, some card games and a midnight walk up Albis as the snow began to fall.


woods zurich

woods zurich 2


zurich 2

zurich 3


Sadly that was the end of the fun for me, as on the Monday I was back to work again. But Woodsy found time to hit the streets for a cruise on Monday before jumping back on a flight home, ending what was a spontaneous and exciting weekend! The street spots and smooth roads make Zurich a definite hidden (yet expensive) gem in the European skate scene! If you get a chance to come out and see it for yourself-take the opportunity. Especially in the depths of winter when the snow is falling thick and fast, or during the summer to enjoy the hot days, lake swims, and perfect skate spots! And of course if you are planning a trip, let me know, I make for a very cheap tour guide!



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Words, Photos and Edit - Dean Bradley




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