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Slaptap Cornish weekend

06/04/2010 17:00


Slaptap weekend in Cornwall .........

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Project Harmony

16/04/2010 16:03

Project harmony edit



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Si Coburn chilled edit

28/04/2010 09:26

Si Coburn chilled Slaptap edit: 

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Cornwall's own Guy Millership: 


Project Harmony: Guy Millership Leftovers from Michael Todd on Vimeo.

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The new UK Remz team

29/04/2010 17:53

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Mark Worner Easter Montage

10/05/2010 17:21


Check out Mark Worners sick edit made over Easter. Keep an eye out for more work from Mark on






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Slaptap at NASS 2010!

14/05/2010 11:40

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chaz Sands invitational 2010

23/05/2010 21:01


A little late but our Photographer Aaron Polhill was at the Chaz Sands invite and these are his photos big thanks Aaron and Si Coburn and Rosie O'Donoghue who were representing us in the comp!!

Jake on the Mic getting things started for this years 2010 Chaz Invite at Rampworx Liverpool.

unknown please email us at if you know him! 

unknown please email us at if you know him! 

Loads of people !!

Si Coburn (slaptap team) about to drop in

Rosie O'Donoghue(Slaptap team) going for a mute over the box.

Rosie O'Donoghue chilling 

Rosie O'Donoghue (Slaptap team) going for a disaster grind on the box.

Si and Si 


Chaz Sands with the new Razors Dom Banbricks 

Chaz Sands

C J Wellsmore getting some major Air time!

C J Chilling 


UK's Dan Ives killing it.

Valo's Soichiro Kanashima with a great face!!

Soichiro Kanashima killing it!


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C J winding up for a full cab kindgrind 




Cornwall's own James Rendell and others in his run getting ready

James killing the big 1/4 pipe 

Chihiro Azuma taking the girls first place

Chihiro Azuma

Jenna Downing 



Some of the winners CJ Wellsmore 1st and Soichiro Kanashima 




Chaz Sands 2nd 

Chaz Sands 

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Taig Khris drops in off the Eiffel tower nutter you have to see this !!! With over 32k views on you-tube already! 


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REMZ UK TOUR 2010 simon coburn,ollie jones,lee deverux,joey egan,mark trebble,paul hardwick,kato,chino,frankie morales and cj wellsmore!

DAY 1: Before we set off for tour we visited the devious warehouse to help send a few last minute orders and pack goodies for the tour!We also payed a visit to see some newly born puppies at marks gf's house!We started the tour off to find out that the tour bus was restricted to 62mph which was possibly the most annoying thing ever when driving on the motorway! We arrived at lee's house late on wednesday night where me ollie,mark,paul,joey and lee chilled out for the night before we had to go meet frankie,chino and kato in the morning from manchester! Paul went to meet kato etc early on thursday morning then we all met up at a cafe near lee's house,after some top notch scran we made our way to the hotel in liverpool to check in and then headed upto ukskate park,a few uk heads were there like frazer watson,lomax and alex burston etc! We all sessioned the A box for a good while and the vert ramp was getting taken apart by joey and frankie but moments after frankie was skating he hurt an old injury in his knee which put in out of action from the beginning pretty much! After a few hours at the park we drove to curry mile where we met adam kola,blake bird,mike wellend and cj wellsmore! We all sat down for a curry and had a good old natter about stuff!

1 the 62mph tour beast!

remz warehouse

lots of the new haffey skates

Trebble's Dog!

load of puppies!

Early morning breakie at a nice cafe lee showed us!

chillin at lee's

Lee giving us a little poll dance!

Yellow submarine at the arirport!

frazer and his pet bear

Kato has no body,i think frazers dog ate it.

party time brrrooooo!

DAY 2: After a very heavy night out in liverpool we had a late start to the day purely down to the fact we were all mashed from night before but we still made it to rampworx skatepark for a bit of practice and some shred sessions before the comp started on the next day!if you havent already seen teh footage from the remz tour then get onto and look up the remz uk tour! you can see all the skating! after we skated for a few hours we went to nandos in centre of liverpool and met up with an old friend si cox!now on tour there is no real time to rest so after soem food we decided on another night out but to try and keep it a bit chilled out but as usual whenever we seem to go out in liverpool we will be out till sunrise!


frankie taking control!

2 take that reunited

siiii and siiiiii

g'day maaate!

CJ is also a magician!

frankie gettin his workout on the go.

DAY 3 : The day of the chaz sands invitional! all that needs to be said is that cj destroyed the whole park! killing every obstacle in his way with steez and power and going massive! After a long day at the park skating all day we headed to a pub to get some grub and talk about what had gone on thru out the day! cj was still kinda shocked he had won and we all in a good mood and ready to party! The after party was at the cube and pretty much everyone was there having good time and dancing! i remeber geoff davies charging people money to go upstairs when it was free but he manged to fool 2 guys and get there money ha!alot of drinking was going on and we were moving from club to club all night!i cant realy remeber to much apart from about 6 in the morning me frankie trebble paul cj and kato and lee were trying to get a traffic cone on top of a lamp post for ages!we finally got it in the end! when we arrived back at the hotel everyone was still in party mode and things were going off! cj set off the fire alarm about 7 in the morning and everyone in the hostel started evacuating apart from us lot,the toilet got blocked,i think blake had used all the toilet roll to throw around the room and covers everyones bed in bog roll and just loads of mess everywhere! when we all checked out the owners were not happy and we all kinda legged it before they could do anything but cj got caught at the end and i think we got charged lol!

slaptappin it up with the wristbands!

Jake Eley

Andy 'n' Cobbby


vip/chill out room at rampworx! xbox,free drinks,table tennis boom!

 kato showing off his french table tennis skills.

Dre looking shocked!

checking out clips

DAY 4: So after another very heavy night it was my turn to drive all the way to skegness (i lost a bet with paul to drive!) this wasnt the best of drives,hung over and can only do 62mph sucks bigtime but we finally made it there in the end! none of us had ever been to skegness before so didnt know what to expect,its kinda like a small blackpool basically with what seemed to be nothing realy going on but it does have a cool skatepark! it has an inddor and outdoor park so your spoilt for choice! teh local kids here were realy friendly and seemed realy juiced on us being there which is cool!cj was once again killing it and so was everyone else to be fair esp after having a heavy late night and having to travel all day! we did what we had to do then we left to go check in at faulty towers! we had a night off from going out so we all just chilled and ate food and also cj's arm was infected and lee and blake had to clean it out by basically digging away at the cut!

This took a lot of work to achieve!
Its only neville bloody bartoss!
On the road to skegness
kinda nice view!
Xsite skatepark in Skegness

AY 5: A good nights sleep and we were all ready to go again but not after a session at the amusement park where we had a game of bowling,computer games and 2p machines lol! it kind of took us ages to get anywhere as we had gone to tesco but played hacky sack for about an hour in the car park before heading off to corby for the skatepark!On arrival to to corby we had another game of hacky sack in the car park to warm up before skating! This skatepark was sick,it pretty much had everything you need,resi ramp,foam pit,bowls,rails and a vert! As usual CJ smashed up the bowl with mach 10 speed and grinding around the whole bowl!Frankie even manged to get a few tricks down on the rail so good times was had by all! Before we left we chilled out in the car park again where cj was riding round on motorbikes and taking the tour bus for a quick spin!

get ya bowl on...
Paul pouting!
even more of a session!
Shoot um up!enough said
was hard to tell the difference between skegness and las vegas
a familiar sight! on the road again....
Corby skatepark,def worth going to!
heya boysies!!

DAY 5 continued : We were back on the road again down to cambridge,we arrived and went straight to nandos before checking into the hotel! Tonight was party time again so we headed into town to a little club somewhere and alot of drinking was going on! When we left the club though this guy and his mate and some girl were being complete twats and without going into itto much they basically got the smack down and it ended up frankie and big al being arrested!No one knew what was going on and so had to wait till the morning to see what the police were saying!


DAY 6 : Frankie and big al had been set free from a night in the cells and let off with a caution so all was good! We then headed into town to do a bit of punting,paul had booked a 12 man boat for us to cruise down the river in!Ihis was alot of good fun and realy relaxing at same time,blake and kato had a quick go and were steering us into walls and other boats etc,whilst being given a history tour at the same time!

moments before punting
Kato showing us how its done
old dom west hey!

We then headed down to london to bay 66 skatepark but only after a lil tour around london with blake and joey being the tour guides lol! There was a good turn out at the skatepark,lots of people skating and there was a fun session going down! CJ managed to throw down a few hammers along with joey doing some nice stuff too! By this time everyone was getting very tired and it was officially last stop of the tour! We all chilled outside the park for ages just chatting away to people etc before heading down to brighton for the night where billy o neil and jeff stockwell hitched a lift!When we arrived in brighton we checked into hotel and everyone was very tired but a few of us went to visit adam kola at his house where we all chilled for the night!In the morning it was an earlyish start and we drove everyone to the airport to be dropped off and we all said are goodbyes and that was that! all in all though it was an amazing tour,lots of jokes,amazing skating and parks and lots of partying! you wouldnt realy want it any other way! for more clips though check out!

Bay 66
Safe safe
me n chino
Me n frnakie ballin out of control with the smoke effect
Chopper Reid and Neville Bartos

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