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Check out last years event to get you warmed up! We will be having a stall so if there is anything you know you want and you want to make sure we carry it then email us at see you there! 


Chaz Sands Invitational 2010 from Rampworx Skatepark on Vimeo.


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Our 1st Brithday! Big thanks to Jen for the cake!!!


Every one chilling in the park.

Qualifier/winner of Slamm Jamms new blood Tom Wade from Bristol.



Matt Steele. 


Check out the rest on Aaron facebook page:

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We are starting with Cornwall's own Guy Millership: 

Age. 22

What do you do for a living?

Apprentice engineer

Years skating. 9

How long have you been into filming?

Around 4/5 years I would say, but I've only really paid attention to it in the last 2 years I suppose.

What made you start filming?

I wanted to be able to show people what me and my friends do. I also like the idea of having something to look back on in the future.

What advice would you give someone wanting to get into filming and editing? 

It seems like digital SLR's are the way forward as far as cameras are concerned. Just try to have fun with it really. You will never please everyone but as long as your happy with what you produce then that's all that matters really.
Do you have any tips, for picking angles and things like that?

Just take your time, mix it up a bit. Sometimes the skater will know how they want clip to look. Also, if you preview a clip back and your first impressions is, 'that's okay', then it's probably not.

Who is doing it 'right' as far as video is concerned at the moment? 

I've always like Dom West's stuff, the dudes from poland Canislatrans are putting out some good stuff. Ivan Narez really hit the nail on the head though with the Shred till your dead series.

What editing software do you use?

Adobe premier pro at the moment.

Top three internet edits?

Top three DVD's/VHS

1: The first DVD I bought was the first BHC video and it's still my favorite
2: I loved the first B unique DVD at the time, 1131 I think it was called
3: Joint between Charging and Vine ST.

How can people find your work?

Most annoying thing about editing?

For me, finding a song without a doubt, I always end up searching for ages on Youtube.

So you have just got back from the States, how was it for filming and skating out there?

It was really good, weather was a treat, the lighting was perfect for filming, there's spot's everywhere as well! I would definitely like to make another trip out there at some point for sure!

Any tips for filming skating events?

Not the best man for the job when it comes to filming skate events to be honest, you just have to get stuck in really. It's probably easiest to focus on a few skaters and hope they bust out.
Thanks Guy and Big thanks for all you do for Slaptap. Mike 

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This will be a Young Blood Qualifier for this years Slamm Jamm all you need to be is 15years & Under and not turn 16 till after 16th OCT 2011 to enter the sessions. THIS EVENT IS FOR EVERY ONE NOT JUST UNDER 16'S. There will also be prizes for BEST TRICK, BEST LINE and other handouts during the Slaptap Session for everyone. After the Young Blood qualifier. This  is also FREE ENTRY after 5pm 

Slaptap's very own Dano Gorman, won last years, not only won the NEWBLOOD CONTEST but also won his flight to the 2011 AIL WORLDS courtesy of WALL’S .
There will also be prizes for best trick, best line and other handouts during the Slaptap Session for everyone. After the Young Blood qualifier. 

For more info on how to get there etc follow this link to the facebook page:



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Check out there facebook to find out more:

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Dano Gorman is our latest team rider and Winner of last years New Blood at Slamm Jamm, He has just got back from Barcelona and film most of this edit there, Big thanks to Jamie Harris for making this edit and intro 

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Noiya jam 2011

08/03/2011 15:49


Noiya Clothing is continuing to organise its annual rollerblade jam at The House Skatepark, Sheffield. The event was won by Alex Burston last year who walked away with the first prize of £300 cash, closely followed by Nick Lomax in second with his £150, and Steve Swain in third winning £75. Since winning last April Alex has gone on to have a stellar year, picking up major sponsorship from Razors. We hope to have him in attendance again this year to defend his title. Rumour has it that Mike Welland might also be about to attempt to regain his title from 2009.

Once again there will be cash prizes, giveaways, food and a Noiya Clothing stall set up with the new 2011 line available exclusively at this event a month before it hits the shops. The only major difference this year is we decided to hold the Jam towards the start of the month to ensure people still have enough money to travel and to coincide with the Easter holidays.

On the day there will be 3 different jams:

1 – 15 and under -12pm start (Qualifier for AIL ‘Youngbloods’ 15 and under competition @ SlammJamm 13)

2 – Open – 2pm start

3 – Expert/Sponsored – 4pm start


The format will be 5 people skating the park in 5 minute rounds, with the judges favourite from each round going through to the semi-finals where the top two will go through to the final.


There is a limit of 30 riders in each category, so make sure you get down early to secure your place. Park opens at 10.30am, closes at 7pm.


Supported by Kingdom Magazine, SlapTap, Loco Skates, UKSkate, The Conference (USD, Undercover, Xsjado, Kizer) Ground Control, Razors and Glaceau VitaminWater so far.


Entry will be £5 whether you are spectating, skating or entering the jam.


We have organised a massive afterparty as well in collaboration with Sheffield’s biggest and best bass-music night, Subtitle. Hosted at Corporation nightclub and based in a convenient city centre location this one is set to go off!


Tes la Rok is headlining the show, with Noiya Clothing’s DJs and producers Crisp ( and Kidnap Kid ( supporting, so make sure you all stay for the weekend. Its time to hit up all those friends, relatives and associates in the Sheffield area for a place to passout. Come party afterwards and skate some of Sheffield’s infamous street spots on the sunday. Its going to be a session!

Noiya Jam 2011 Facebook event page:

Afterparty Facebook event page:

Confirmed riders so far:-

Erik Bailey (as a guest on the Tour) - Valo Brand/Them Goods Bearings/Heat/Ground Control/Ucon

Alex Burston – Razors/BHC
Andy Spary – Razors/Noiya Clothing
Nick Lomax – The Conference/Ucon/Loco Skates

Scott Hallows – UKSKATE
Blake Bird – The Conference
Matt Cripps – Noiya Clothing

Joey Egan – Kaltik/BHC/Remz

Ross Jones - Noiya Clothing

Dan Ives - Valo Brand/Loco Skates

Elliott Stevens - Valo Brand/UKSKATE/Dirtbox

Sam Tuffnell - The Conference/Loco Skates

Joe Atkinson - The Conference/Loco Skates

Andy Gibson - UKSKATE/Rollerblade


Please support the supporters:-



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Really Sick Edit from Slaptap Team rider Matt Smith... enjoy! 

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