Team Member - Danielle Mccloskey

Danielle Mcclosky 


Name: Danielle McCloskey

Nicknames: I've had quite a lot of nicknames, so here are a few of them. DCM, Dan Dan, Dee, MC Closkeys(no I'm not an MC), Danrells, Little one and Midge as I'm not very tall.

Sponsors: Slaptap

Favourite skate setup: Hmm well my set up right now is adapt vegan 1s with black kizer slimline frames and yellow undercover wheels, which I really like but I do still miss my Salomon's as they've always been my favorites as they were just so good all round, especially for gaps as they had the best shock absorber to take the impacts for big gaps. I still have a bunch of salomons at home that I will probably keep forever. I think my favorite one out of them all would be my St 80s, I had two pairs of them and made a nice little dent in the side of the boot from skating them so much haha.

Favorite Competition entered and where you placed:  I think one of my favs was summerclash a couple years ago, I only came 4th but it was fun and a great weekend. I actually really enjoyed the street course which was weird as it wasn't like a normal course you get in a park where you have ramps n boxes and so on all over. The way I always describe what the course looked like is if say a buliding exploded and all the parts of things that were inside the building landed in random places all over a basketball court haha. I think the reason I liked it quite a bit is because it was different and more like skating actual street. I mean I do enjoy skating park but prefer street, the only thing with street is finding the good spots and not to get kicked off them, also the weather thats the most annoying. Hopefully they bring summerclash back again.

Favorite skaters to watch: Hmm well I think one of my favorite skaters of all time is still Dustin Latimer, one of the first skate edits I saw was midgames words and really enjoyed his section, he just had such a cool unique style, I loved the way he skated. There's so many good skaters out there killing it now though it's just to hard to choose.

Signature Trick: Well I guess my signature trick seems to be topsoul as most people tend to know me to do them a lot and rarely miss them, not say I don't miss them cos I do but its one of my sort of safety tricks as you've always got a certain few tricks you'll try on a rail or ledge the first few attempts to get the feel and use to the object. Topsoul is one of mine, I also quite like AO topsouls. But tricks in general i've always like true back sav and true fish, I just find them tricks really cool and enjoy seeing them done on a nice ledge.

Other sports or hobbies you play or have: Well I enjoy playing football and love playing a game of pool, I use to go rileys quite a lot, I tend to always play a game when I see a table at a pub or some other place that has one. I'm also quite a film buff and have quite a big dvd collection, I made dvd rack out of my old guitar hero box as I was running out of space, I'm quite a geek when it comes to films and programmes and like to quote things a lot and have movie posters all over my walls, I guess you could say thats a big hobby of mine.

One-bucket list thing to do before you die: Skydiving!