A set of skates I want is out of stock and I can't find the wheels I want on your shop pages. Can you help?

If the item you want is either missing from the website or is marked as out of stock we maybe able to speak to our suppliers and order the item in for you. We can’t promise to be able to help in every case but we are very happy to contact our suppliers to see if we can get hold of the items in for you. Please email us at info@slaptap.co.uk with your needs and we will see what we can do.


If we can't get the exact item you desire we maybe able to offer a similar item. We like to know what people want and then we can consider getting in new stock for the shop or trying to find new suppliers.


What skate would you suggest I buy from my 8 year old grandson who wants to start skating?

We suggest the Razors Junior Skate or the USD Transformer skate as they have all the characteristics of an adult skate but most importantly these skates come in adjustable UK sizes. As your grandson grows these can grow with him.  They are well balanced when extended and have many great feature just take a look in the shop on the product pages. We also suggest you consider buying protective gear including Helmet, Wrist guards, elbow pads and knee pads/gaskets as skating is a tough sport. Look in our protection section for these items and some fantastic bundle offers.


I work till after 5 at night how can I get advice?

We are happy to give advice via email at anytime of the day. We will do our best to get back in contact with you as quickly as possible. As we all have full time jobs outside of Slaptap it is not always possible to get us on the phone but you can leave an answer phone message and we will always get back to you as soon as possible. Email is the preferred contact method due to the ability to respond quickly.


I would like a Slaptap T-shirt but you don’t do my size can you help?

Yes we can. As our own Tees are made especially for us by a local firm we can get a wide range of sizes made up specially. Unfortunately we are not able keep all sizes and colours in stock but if you email on info@slaptap.co.uk we can contact you and get your size for you. As an example our round neck logo tee is available in black and a few other colours from aged 6 months via a huge number of junior and youth sizes right up to XXL. There will not be any additional cost for this service but you may have to wait for the item to be printed and this can take 10-14 days.


I have heard that when buying skates I need to buy 2 shoe sizes bigger than my normal shoe size. Can you help?

When buying skates sizing is one of the trickiest aspects. This is due to peoples feet being sizes and different skate companies using different size moulds and boot shapes. There is no easy yes and no answer to this question as all skates fit differently. For example a Valo V13 boot will fit very tight but a Valo light boot in the same size will fit completely differently. We will try our hardest to offer sizing information on each product but if you are in any doubt you can email us on info@slaptap.co.uk and we will try our best to help you with specific advice tailored for you. If you do have a problem with the sizing of a skate ordered we offer a return and exchange scheme which can be found in the terms and conditions page.


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