Joe Harvey team rider

Jo eHarvey Slaptap team rider

Name: Joseph Harvey

Nickname: Power

Age: 24

Sponsors: SlapTap, Romeo Zulu

Favorite Skate set up: Anything slightly customised to your needs. I think my favourite ever set up was Dre Powell Sl 2’s, Kizer Slimline 2’s and 72 mm cosmos, I was flying! They looked like trainers and where a pleasure to roll in.

Favorite inline section or edit of you: I spent two years, sporadically putting in effort to film this section with the talented Harry Reavley. Due to his talent, he was constantly busy with other projects, so getting him out was a challenge! See Below!!

Of course separate to that there’s been many film endeavours whilst I was in Leeds that are up there with some of my best to date.

Favorite inline section, video or edit ever: My favourite video ever is Traitement by Jonas Hansson.. I think it just really spoke to me about my view on rollerblading, and the ideas I tied in with urban exploration. Robert Guerrero’s section in that was unbelievable, as well as the cinematography, which I thought was a huge artistic achievement. 

Favorite Competition entered and where you placed: Marseille Pro Bowl Competition, 1st place in the amateurs. Marseille has such a great scene and atmosphere, we where nomadic and I remember feeling great about that competition.

Favorite skaters to watch:

  • Alex Broskow,
  • Alex Burston,
  • Nils Jansons,
  • Erik Bailey.

Signature Trick: True Top Pornstar, Back Royal Step back Acid

Other sports or hobbies you play or have:

  • Film-making,
  • photography,
  • Editing,
  • Writing.

Looking forward to in 2016(trip, comp, video release, etc.): The Slaptap south west tour of course! And Malaga this October

One-bucket list thing to do before you die: Skate the American skate-parks that dreams are made of, travelling my motorbike and heading all the way down to south America.