Team Member - Matt Smith

Matt Smith team rider




Name: Matt Smith

Nickname: Smith

Age: 28

Sponsors: Slaptap/ NOWAVVES

Favorite Skate set up: Xsjado Avant3’s with some Eulogys, Slaptap Ceramics bearings.. Kizer frames (don’t ask me what they are)

Favorite inline section or edit of you: Cider Kids section

Favorite inline section, video or edit ever: Dom Sagona M1 section

Favorite Competition entered and where you placed: SDTSC Plymouth (2001) No idea where I placed, not very high I’d imagine… but I had a lot of fun

Favorite skater to watch: Sagona over past years, currently Broskow or Sizemore 

Signature Trick: Savanna

Other sports or hobbies you play or have: Filmmaking/ Photography. Running, Eating

Looking forward to in 2016(trip, comp, video release, etc.): Looking forward to the new Mark Worner flick which I should be in. 

One-bucket list thing to do before you die: See the Grand Canyon. We went in 2013, drove right up to it and everyone in the truck was pissed off at how much money it was to see it (the native Indians have fenced it off and charge you to be able to see it), so we turned around and drove back to Vegas… never saw it at all!!