Team Rider - Nico Salaman

Niko Salaman Slaptap team rider



Name: Niko Salaman

Nickname: Chico

Age: 18

Sponsors: The Blade clothing, Slaptap, 

Favorite Skate set up: Razors/Create Originals/BHC

Favorite inline section or edit of you: Slaptap section – Mark Worner

Favorite inline section, video or edit ever:  Mindgame - Accidental Machines

Favorite Competition entered and where you placed: Richard Taylor Trophy – 2nd

Favorite skaters to watch: Aragon, Quinny, Mason Richard, Broskow, Haffey

Signature Trick: Backslide 

Other sports or hobbies you play or have: Running, Snowboading, 

Looking forward to in 2016(trip, comp, video release, etc.): Slaptap VOD release, the next tour, my The Blade clothing profile release

One-bucket list thing to do before you die: Skydive/explore the Himalayas