Team Member - Ollie Jones


Ollie Jones Slaptap team rider


Name: Ollie Jones

Nickname: Ollie

Age: 29

Sponsors: remz, slaptap

Favorite Skate set up: nils 1.5 skates with bhc wheels

Favorite inline section or edit of you: The Remz Ollie Jones - Lost clips edit. See Below!

Favorite inline section, video or edit ever: DL coup de tat or Haffey leading the blind

Favorite Competition entered and where you placed: Probably the nass street comps

Favorite skaters to watch: anyone

Signature Trick: probably TTS

Other sports or hobbies you play or have: Jumping stuff

Looking forward to in 2016(trip, comp, video release, etc.): Hopefully another tour in the summer, NL contest

One-bucket list thing to do before you die: switch miz the 666 rail