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USD USD Aeon 60 Carlos Pianowski Pro 20th Anniversary LE - Pre Order - These skates are due to arrive for delivery mid November 2017

For the USD brands 20 year anniversary they have decided to release some highly limited edition skate models from some of the most loyal and influential Pro USD riders of the last 2 decades.

This is the Carlos Pianowski Pro model. Carlos was the hammer master and a crazy metal head for those who are too young or who may have missed out on seeing Carlos skate in his prime I would check out fruitbooter for sure. Skating the biggest drop rails to hardcore death metal was what Carlos brought to the table by the barrel full.

His pro aeon model doesn't disappoint either with an awesome black and gold colour scheme his Aeons are sure to sell out fast. Coming standard with Myfit 2nd skin dual fit liners these skates are going to be super comfy out of the box. A flat setup of 61mm/90a USD Aeon wheels and WKD ABEC 5 bearings will keep these beauties rolling smooth.

Here are a few details about the Aeon model.
The USD Aeons are the newest model to be released from one of the best aggressive rollerblade companies ever. The Aeon is one of the most sort after and talked about skates in the USD line but don't let the talk fool you into thinking they are all hype and no content. The Aeon comes with some great high end features straight out of the box and being one of the lightest hard boot skates on the market is a great advantage to have and having a one piece boot design meaning the soul plate, frame and boot are all one piece gives this skate a great edge. The frame being built in means that the wheels are now closer to the foot and centre of gravity meaning that tricks are more controllable and balanced

These aeon skates have a slightly different sizing to other skate brands. These skates have a new dual size liner meaning that the stretchy neoprene toe allows them to fit two sizes. The sizing chart looks like this.

UK 5-6 / EUR 39-40 / US 6-7
UK 6,5-7/ EUR 41-42 / US 7,5-8
UK 8-9 / EUR 43-44 / US 9-10
UK 10-11 / EUR 45-46 / US11-12

I would suggest if you stick to the uk sizing they will fit similar to a normal trainer size.

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